Winter Mountain Mobile


I’m just a little bit obsessed with mountains at the moment, they are popping up everywhere over at our place.


Oh and bears, bears feature heavily too.


I have been meaning to make Roo a mobile since he was born, but it’s taken me a while!  Anyway, I was forced into it yesterday as at the weekend he destroyed his swallows mobile, which was my fault really as I should have moved them before he could get his paws on them.  They were still attached to the cot, from when he was very small, now that he is moving around and grabbing etc it was only going to be a matter of time before they got it.  They ‘got it’ after nap time two days ago when I walked in to find one of the birds crumpled in his hand.


So yesterday afternoon I sewed the trees, mountains and bears:



I spent the evening assembling the rest.  If you would like to have a go at making a mobile like this you will need the following:


I knotted the fishing wire, and used a needle with a large eye to thread on the shapes and felt beads.  I tied each length of wire onto the inner circle from the embroidery hoop as well as some lengths for hanging and then tightened the outer circle over the top.


I like the muted colours of the shapes with the brighter colours of the felt beads and the different lengths of wire.  I am going to add one of these on a ‘made to order’ basis to my Etsy, as well as some hanging decorations just in time for Christmas.




Here is a project I did with my friend Laurel from the lovely shop Arrietty in Exeter.  We actually did this for Christmas last year and as we head into mid-October,Christmas is starting to feel just around the corner.

We screen printed Anouk and her friends onto tea-towels which could then be used as they are, coloured in, fabric painted, embroidered and cut up and sewn into toys.


We made one side customisable and the other in negative:


Anouk is quite a serious little soul but her friends the fox and swedish chicken keep her light-hearted enough, luckily the fox only eats ducks so this chicken is safe.


The lovely Laurel working hard on her beautiful Anouk: