Badges, badges, badges and a Christmas market!



Westcountry badge set anyone?  I just had a lovely time at the Magdalen Road Christmas Market in Exeter where I sold some of these, as well as these:




but you don’t HAVE to wear them all at the same time either:




or maybe you’d prefer a set with a torch:


or a bear:


The mountains and bears they keep on coming!


as well as these little guys, who come individually, as I think they will make nice stocking fillers:


These would be available in my Etsy shop but I have sold out, so as soon as I make some more they will be there.  I am making the hats customisable in case you should want a copy of your best loved hat to pin to your jumper.  I also just made a custom ‘Tis Ansom magnet for a nice lady I met at the market and a few mountain necklaces as well.  It’s a lovely Christmassy event and I will definitely be going again next year.  Just let me know if you want something.

photo-4 copy

Above is my ‘Zoe Did It’ array and here’s me manning the Arrietty stall, look at all Laurel’s lovely things!  There’s still time to pop in to the shop before Christmas if you’re in or around Exeter and get yourself a special handmade present.


And I couldn’t have done it without these guys of course:


Now best get on with the family and friends presents!  I’m a bit behind . . .


. . . the only problem is that now I have an early riser, I don’t have enough hours in the day, it’s make or sleep, hmmm . . .  probably settle for crochet in bed with Mad Men tonight – I know I should have watched this a long time ago, but I’m very much enjoying working my way through season 5 (slowly!).

Drumming Robot Tote Bag


This is a bag I screen printed with the help of my lovely friend Laurel.  We made a few different ones but this remains my fave.  She really knows what she’s doing and I recommend trying a screen printing class or workshop it’s a lot of fun.


I took a photo of a robot Matt bought in a junk shop and edited it to make it black and white screen print friendly.


The finished screen print is very close to the photo.



You can do simpler screen prints at home with stencils and a DIY screen like this or like this or buy a fancy kit like this one.  It was really fun to do this with Laurel and I love screen printing now!  I can’t wait to do some more and experiment with more complicated designs.



Laurel has an amazing shop in Exeter called Arrietty, an Aladdin’s cave of haberdashery where they run super fantastic workshops; it’s a must visit if you are in the area.  She also sells her own beautiful hand screen printed items in the shop and you can not only get your own robot bag but an array of baby grows and more. Here is just a selection:


Laurel hard at work:


She’s only grumpy when the gramophone breaks down.  Don’t worry though, Dan fixed it.  I love this photo!